My Cannabis Experience

By Tammy Levent

I took a leap of faith when I chose to undergo an unconventional treatment to treat my cancer diagnosis. I decided to try a combination of CBD and THC, even before it was legalized. I knew the importance of getting tested often to make sure my cancer didn’t return, as I wanted to be sure that this alternative treatment was indeed working— and it was. That’s why I continue taking my tincture to this day.

My Cancer Story

I was diagnosed with malignant breast cancer in May of 2015. When my doctors told me that the cancer was spreading, I opted to undergo a lumpectomy, as this was advised as the best treatment option. While they wanted to perform traditional treatments on me after the procedure, I refused, making them think I was absolutely insane. But, I knew I wanted to try another form of treatment, which required me to travel outside of Florida.

Now that Florida’s Amendment 2 has passed, I can get my prescriptions filled in my home state. Dr. Eduardo Palanca oversees my care, who is one of the few doctors who are licensed to treat patients by writing them a prescription for medical cannabis.

I now depend on my prescription so I can get the cannabis oils I need. Dr. Eduardo Palanca still treats me for any medical issues that I experience. When it comes to any surgeries I’ve had, or any pain that I experience, I simply make sure to take my tincture dosage daily. So far, I haven’t missed a dose.

My Cannabis Tincture

Since taking my CBD/THC strain ‘AC/DC,’ my cancer is no longer existent, and the anemia I’ve been suffering from is also much better. I now have a lot more energy, and I can sleep anywhere between 8 to 10 hours every night, which is great for how busy I generally am. Since I can now focus better, I’m happy to say I can get a lot more work done.

AC/DC is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that’s mostly known for its high CBD levels vs. its THC levels. It takes somewhere between nine and ten weeks for the AC/DC cannabis plant to fully flower, with this strain growing best when certain minerals are added to the soil, such as magnesium and calcium.

The plant produces thumb-sized buds and contains hues of purple that offer pleasant scents. It also tastes like fruit. I tend to think of cherries and lemons when taking my cannabis medicine, of which I make into a pill using sesame seed oil.

The strain is a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1. The THC levels range somewhere between 1% and 6%, causing this strain to have little to no psychoactive effects. This makes it extremely useful in the medical field and a rare choice for recreational cannabis users. Since it also helps uplift spirits, I also take it to create a sense of peace within myself, as it creates an overall relaxing feeling within my body, ridding me of any and all of life’s stresses. It has also been known to help with epilepsy, cancer, alcoholism, and chronic/severe pain, making it a very versatile strain.

The fact that AC/DC very rarely causes any type of negative side effects is one of the many reasons why I chose to use this strain. Even though a small number of people who have taken this tincture have reported they experienced dizziness, headaches, and anxiety, this is likely because they didn’t carefully follow the directions for proper consumption.

What I’ve Learned So Far During My Journey

We should have options when it comes to treating any health issues we have. We also deserve the right to refuse any treatment that we feel is not right for us, and I knew the traditional treatment was not right for me or the path I wanted to take. I’ve also learned that education is key, so I continue to educate myself on any and all cannabis news, especially if there’s news about how cannabis can help me.

No one has ever directly died as a result of using cannabis. Since I knew I wasn’t a high risk, the worst-case scenario for me was needing to undergo radiation and possible chemotherapy in an attempt to get rid of the cancer. My quality of life is imperative, so I sought to try other options first to see if alternative treatment would help me. The cancer was not only cured using my tincture, but I also don’t suffer from any detrimental side effects.

I feel I will continue to be healthy by doing what I am doing now and will continue taking the daily dose of my cannabis tincture.

Plant Progression in Our Society

I still have to go to California and have a chemist make my strain for me because what they keep selling in dispensaries is not as pure as many people think. Additionally, since there are certain strains available to treat certain conditions, I’ve decided that having a tincture made specifically for me was my best option. I’m happy that there is now medical cannabis offered in our state, but educating the consumer is more important than anything else. I still come across people that ask me if I smoke pot, as they don’t understand the details about using medical cannabis.

My Status in the Cannabis Community

I’m proud of my distinguished status in the cannabis community. My consistent involvement in the space is one that I’m excited to be a part of, and while I’m not saying it’s for everyone, it worked for me and continues to benefit me. I take it faithfully every day, so I’m living proof of what the positive effects are. I plan on continuing to take my special tincture, as it has so far been facilitating my overall health and quality of life.